The Phelps Childcare Center

Education Programs: Enrichment

Our enrichment programs are designed to complement our program curriculum and provide an educational experience in all areas of development. With each session, your child will have fun building new skills and be enthusiastic about the learning.

Music Program

Scheduled once a week for every age group. Our music teacher plays guitar and provides a large variety of music. He stimulates youngster's mind and body by taking them on musical adventures.

Nature of Things

Scheduled once a month for our toddler and preschool groups. This hands on program introduces children to the world of animals and their habitats.

Little Gym

Provides us with a monthly gymnastic program which emphasizes gross motor skills along with a balance of apparatus and sensory props. Little Gym's fitness tools, games and activities help your child learn the benefits of staying healthy and fit.

Our Spanish classes

Offered weekly for the children eligible for Kindergarten for next fall. The sessions offer children the opportunity to build Spanish vocabulary and expressive abilities.

Class trips

For preschool groups and are scheduled to enhance the curriculum.

Yoga Classes

Scheduled once a month for our preschool groups. Children are introduced to age appropriate yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga chants, yoga activities and games.


Scheduled once a month for our older preschool groups. The emphasis in our Karate class is on confidence, self discipline, coordination by developing physical strength and flexibility, respect and on having fun.